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Established in 2010, HDX WILL is a leader in dental imaging, oral maxillofacial radiology and software development. Operating in over 20 markets worldwide HDX Will products are now available in the United States.  With an innovation team spanning both product and service innovation segments we aspire to be a valued partner to our clinician customers and to the patients they serve.  

Our Corporate Responsibility & Core Values are:

  • Passion – What drives a successful company?
    Although innovation is said to be a company’s heart, it is also widely accepted that passion is a company’s soul. Therefore, it is without hesitation that HDX-WILL places passion at the epicenter of its Core Value System. All of us at HDX-WILL are proud of our work and we seek to convey our enthusiasm in all of our communication and professional interactions. We know that achieving a true customer-centered culture will require both hard work and dedication to craft. But, it is ultimately Passion that drives everything else.  

  • Quality – Today a focus on Quality is not an option.
    As a premier healthcare technologies provider, we understand the importance of quality as it pertains to: exceeding customer expectation and out-performing competition. However, beyond just that we recognize our technologies are used in caring for others. Because of this truth we are driven to manage Quality at the highest level as we seek to be the partner of choice for deserving customers and discerning clinicians in all of our chosen markets.

  • Integrity – Integrity is central to long-term trust.
    We demand in ourselves only the highest level of professionalism, and through this we aspire to earn the respect and admiration of others. As we know that Integrity is best demonstrated over time and with consistency we will exude pride in our work each day and treat others with dignity…. always and, in all ways.

  • Teamwork – One way or another we have all contributed to or been part of a team.
    Teaming up can allow us to be stronger, accomplish more and have better results than we could have ever realized as individuals. Over the years we’ve seen that the highest performing teams are those that utilize individual expertise, encourage cross-communication and allow the formation of close collaboration between and among team members. HDX-WILL’s commitment to teaming is outstanding and continues to be a pervasive aspect throughout the organization.

  • Accountability – We are accountable to our stakeholders, including: customers, partners and the communities in which we work.
    HDX-WILL knows that accountability starts with and ultimately ends with the individual. We have built a core culture that celebrates individual contribution and recognizes accomplishment. At the same time we continue to build an organization that acknowledges mistakes, makes necessary and appropriate corrections and embraces the learning process.
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Treatment Page Sketch

Each square = 1 Square Foot Diagram Directions: Using Sample A as a guide, sketch out the areas relevant to installation.

Within the confines of this 20’ x 20’ grid, draw in the configuration of your proposed treatment room and surrounding area. Draw in the outside walls, showing any angles or cut-outs. Identify locations of doors, windows, hallways and electrical outlets.

Using the proper identifying symbols, mark where you anticipate locating your Dentri Unit, workstation, exposure switch and other requested information.

Identifying Symbols

Dentri Unit:   X ↓  

Dentri Workstation:   W

Exposure Switch:    S

Electrical Outlets:    E

Door / Entry:   D

Network / Ethernet:   N