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    Cybernetic Software Optimization


    Service Innovation System

    What is Cybernetic Software Optimization?

    HDX CYOPTIX is our proprietary system and method for ongoing software and technology development. HDX CYOPTIX draws upon its own primary research as well as incorporates the most resent advancements in software engineering and Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI) – all in pursuit of making YOUR HDX imaging
    system more capable and user friendly.

    What is Service Innovation?

    HDX SERVIS is a simple yet elegant method of mapping a customer’s journey from initial contact throughout their entire ownership experience. Carefully dividing this time into identifiable components then working to optimize each component of time using a combination of customer feedback and best in class service benchmarking. Service Innovation is used by top performing organizations all over the world and HDX SERVIS is what we use to make sure we deliver on promise – every day.

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    Treatment Page Sketch

    Each square = 1 Square Foot Diagram Directions: Using Sample A as a guide, sketch out the areas relevant to installation.

    Within the confines of this 20’ x 20’ grid, draw in the configuration of your proposed treatment room and surrounding area. Draw in the outside walls, showing any angles or cut-outs. Identify locations of doors, windows, hallways and electrical outlets.

    Using the proper identifying symbols, mark where you anticipate locating your Dentri Unit, workstation, exposure switch and other requested information.

    Identifying Symbols

    Dentri Unit:   X ↓  

    Dentri Workstation:   W

    Exposure Switch:    S

    Electrical Outlets:    E

    Door / Entry:   D

    Network / Ethernet:   N