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We provide you with education and tools for you to be successful. You tells us what you need to be successful!

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Independent reps, some of whom may have been full time Territory Managers for large pharma or med-device companies are growing in numbers. Independent reps are ambitious, entrepreneurial and enjoy a certain “grass roots” connection with their customer. HDX WILL North America is looking for bright, energetic independent reps who wish to expand their current portfolio by adding HDX WILL North America’s flagship line of Performance Radiology products. In order to qualify for an HDX Envoy Pro contract the candidate must have plausible access to the target audience and have a desire to help doctors help their patients. Initial and ongoing training will be provided as is immediate and unlimited support through the dedicated HDX Envoy Support Center. HDX Envoy Pro may also fit well with retired or semi-retired clinical team members looking for a part-time or supplemental pursuit and/or a way to leverage and monetize their many years of professional connections.

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In recent years we have observed the immergence of the micro-dealer. We define a micro-dealer as a niche or regional distributor or enterprising dental lab – each with a preference for building relationships and providing high levels of sales/service excellence over the burdens of inventory management, logistics and the tedium of back-office and/or warehouse operations. These existing entities tend to be agile, wildly successful, and be run by industry savvy owners. HDX WILL North America is looking for micro-dealers, who may already offer a portfolio of complementary products/services and want to fortify their portfolio by adding our flagship line of Performance Radiology solutions to their existing catalogue. The HDX Envoy Channel System is front loaded meaning you are not burdened with any of the profit eroding back end tedium associated with conventional distribution.

No initial stocking orders
No materials management
No exposure to obsolescence risk
No pick, pack and ship requirements
No delivery or installation hassles
No product training requirements
No customer or tech service calls
No chasing delinquent accounts

Un-incumbered by profit robbing operations the micro-dealer is free to work on more favorable endeavors, such as: professional networking, relationship management, presentations and closing new accounts. As part of the Envoy Channel System all Envoy Enterprisers enjoy immediate and unlimited access to the HDX Envoy Support Center, and the help of dedicated channel specialists- each of whom have deep experience in the served markets.