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HDX Specialty Software


Patient image management software and 2D Viewer. Will-Master allows you to import and export images from your own practice. Will-Master is also compatible with OnDemand3D viewer. Will-Play feature is built in media library for patient consultations.

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Professional Tracing Task

Easy and fast tracing work process with tracing guide. Provides various image filter and x-ray settings.

Analysis (Auto Calculating)

Automatic cephalometric analysis calculation based on traced landmarks. Full chart at a glance with analysis by various authors and personalized analysis.

Treatment Simulation

Facial change prediction for your patient consultation. Compare the before/after treatment visually through photos and videos.

Report Feature

Superimpose feature displays multiple overlapping traces to easily identify landmark changes due to the growth and long-term treatment. Predict facial growth over time with growth forecast. Collect patient treatment information in a variety of gallery layouts.

Analysis Personalization

Create personalized analysis with your clinical know-how.

Powerful Overlay Feature

Quick and easy photo alignment with just 3 clicks (lateral standards), Enables evaluation of relationship between facial structure and major landmarks.

3D Cephalometric Analysis Module

The next generation cephalometric analysis with large FOV to evaluate cephalometric landmarks.

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ON3D offers the most powerful and versatile volume rendering for airway segmentation, fusion, 3D cephalometric analysis, superimposition and other various clinical applications in Digital Dentistry.

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