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Years of Medical and Dental Experience

HDX WILL researched the market to find how we could differentiate ourselves in North America. Besides our superior quality imaging, Our Service and Education team will continue to support you so you get the most out of your CBCT through on demand practice.

At HDX WILL….We are here to change the industry!

Timeline of years for HDX will history
Timeline of years for HDX will history
HDX founded in Seoul, Korea as a distributor of medical devices.
Focused on Ultrasound technologies then progressed into PET/CT scan, Gamma Camera, and UNAC cancer therapy systems.
HDX acquires Willmed (CBCT technology company).
Begin manufacturing and licensing of CBCT technology. First HDX CBCT machine sold in Korea.
Expanded portfolio of Dental x-ray offerings.
Expansion into surrounding Asian markets. First Dentri system launched. Added general x-ray, hand held x-ray, and digital x-ray devices to portfolio.
Company name changed to HDX WILL.
Added intraoral, panoramic x-ray, and radiology telemetry system transmitters to a growing line of Dental x-ray offerings.
Further expansion into Asian markets with exponential growth.
Offices in China and Malaysia opened.
Expansion into global markets.
HDX WILL North America (Los Angeles) and HDX WILL Europe (Paris) established to bring HDX technology global.