Digital Intraoral Sensor


Unlock Precision Imaging with DENTRA 3: Your Gateway to Superior Intraoral Radiography.

Enhanced Diagnostic Accuracy

DENTRA3’s superior image quality enables dental practitioners to make more precise diagnoses, leading to better treatment outcomes for patients.

Long-Term Reliability

Built for maximum durability, DENTRA3 is designed to withstand the rigors of daily clinical use, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs for dental practices.

Patient Comfort

DENTRA3’s compact size and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable experience for patients during imaging procedures, helping to alleviate anxiety and enhance overall satisfaction with dental care.

Streamline Workflow

High-speed Connectivity

With DENTRA3’s user-friendly design and high-speed 2.0 USB connectivity, dental professionals can capture and review images quickly, reducing appointment times and improving overall efficiency in the clinic.

Seamless Integration

DENTRA3’s compatibility with other software using a TWAIN driver ensures seamless integration with existing dental practice management systems and imaging software, eliminating the need for manual data entry and streamlining workflow processes.

Customizable Workflow

DENTRA3’s software offers customizable workflow options, allowing dental professionals to tailor the imaging process to their specific preferences and clinical workflows, further optimizing efficiency and productivity in the practice.



Components Specifications
Sensor Technology CMOS


Optical fiber

Sensor Matrix Size1 : 1168 x 1562 pixels

Size 2 : 1402 x 1874 pixels

Pixel Size 19 µ
True(measured) Resolution 16 lp/mm
Sensor Active Surface Dimensions Size 1 : 22.2 x 29.6 mm

Size 2 : 26.6 x 35.5 mm

Dimension Size 1 : 27.6 mm(W) x 37.7 mm(H) x 7.3 mm(D)

Size 2 : 32.2 mm(W) x 44.2 mm(H) x 7.3 mm(D)

Weight Size 1 : 65g

Size 2 : 75g

Input Voltage 5V DC(USB interface)
USB Interface USB 2.0 High Speed


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